Updated Forum and Etrobian Second release!!
30 Mar 2016 10:22
As some of you may have noticed the forums and website got a bit of a upgrade!

This update will bring more security to the website and help make adding new tools and features to the website much easier. With most upgrades everything won't work perfectly which is where you guys will come in. If you encounter any errors or something looking off or weird make a ticket on the bug tracker and we will try and fix them as soon as possible!

Thanks for all the continued support of TrueWoW! Enjoy the new themes to come!

Along with an updated truewowice theme, Etrobian Second has been released.

A few update notes:

Valid for all themes:

For Truewowice:

For Etrobian Second:

The PrimalWoW website is no longer compatible with this update, everyone needs to use the TrueWoW website from now on. Multi-realm support has been added and you can use your old account to login. Also see the previous announcement about the realmlist merge.
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Forums & Realmlist Merged
03 Mar 2016 13:18
Nefarian & Timeline
02 Feb 2016 20:13
QA Results, Feedback Center, Promotions and more!
19 Jan 2016 05:32
Tharros: Bug Tracker Operation I-2016
19 Jan 2016 02:33

Server info

Realmlist: login.truewow.org
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: 2016-07-28
Date Updated: 2016-07-28
Database version: TDB 335.61
Accounts: 145993

TrueWoW Realm

Type: PvP all content unlocked
Rates: 1x
Status: Online (0 days 6 hrs 56 mins)
Online: 71 (max 782)
Characters: 221464

PrimalWoW Realm

Type: PvE progressive Vanilla to WotlK
Rates: 1x WotLK rates (current level cap 60)
Status: Online (5 days 19 hrs 20 mins)
Online: 78 (max 532)
Characters: 55062

Voice Chat

Download: Click here!
IP: www.truewow.org
Port: 64738

Download: Click here!
Invite Link: 012Z8SFOvHc9iLfBh

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