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Type: PvP
Rates: 1x
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: 183d8117dd64
Database version: TDB 335.57
Status: Online (1 days 20 hrs 59 mins)
Online: 448 (max 782)
Accounts: 97340
Characters: 174337

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17 Nov 2014 04:31
A new core and a clean start

After a long waiting, we've finally concluded our core update successfully. Technical difficulties that would end up affecting our server's stability were preventing us from updating but now as they faded away we are able to provide you the latest fixes available.

This new update brings forth several new things. As I've mentioned before, we are starting over with a brand new core and database, which eventually means some bugs are now gone while others have temporarily returned.

As you can see here, we've got quite a lot of fresh fixes. You may notice most raid boss encounters are now more consistent along with several class bugs that we're now rid of.

That however isn't a full change log, a full change log would be twice as long as that one. Environment fixes, core stability fixes, components and more were also included in that update but omitted as they'd difficult the reading even more.

With this advent, our development strategy might suffer several changes as well. Doubtfully there'll be an update as big as this one, but eventually updates might come in a more frequent basis, especially at this moment. In the upcoming weeks we'll be rolling several hotfix updates to address the issues that might have arisen in consequence to the fresh start up. We're counting with your support to identify issues and report them at our bug tracker so our developers can readily solve them.

I know the idea of a fresh start might sound very scary to some of you (as in the first moment it was to us too) but after analyzing it carefully there will be no impacts in the long term and a refresh will bring in future benefits.

We've also decided to let our Public Testing Realm, henceforth referred as PTR, be permanently open so players can help us out testing things. A PTR guideline will be posted by me sometime this week containing all that you need to know and few hints and tricks on how to test things and get the expect results.

Also, we've now got a little bit a surprise. ShinDarth has gotten us a new feature: the PvP Stats! PvP Stats is PvP statistic page that displays very interesting information about recent battlegrounds and the average winners. Make sure to check it out ;)

You can also read more about PvPStats here! viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14101

That's all for now. Thank you all for your everlasting patience and have fun :) read more / comment by Nyeriah
06 Nov 2014 14:23
New Arena Season
28 Sep 2014 13:06
New donate system & Offers for non-donators
15 Sep 2014 21:02
Etrobian Default theme released
14 Sep 2014 03:41
Tapatalk and Mobile Devices