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19 Jan 2016 05:32
QA Results, Feedback Center, Promotions and more!

I would like to say I'm sorry for delaying this, it's just that... there have been plenty of things being worked on lately and I wanted to gather them all up in one place :P So without further delays, let's get it moving, shall we?

Quality Analysis 2015 Resolution

Before we get started, our first QA Campaign counted with 79 participants, which is a considerable number judging it wasn't advertised in-game, so thank you all for participating! :)

The overall results of the QA Campaign matched the ones of our internal analysis, which is a very good thing - it means we're on the right track.

The two "problematic" or critical areas that were hightlighted are: Marketing/Advertising and Scripting of PvP content. On the background, the areas that also could use improvements are the Costumer Support (efficiency of ticket responses) and Resolution of Issues (how fast issues are solved).

The issue with most requests is "Solace of the Defeated/Fallen doesn't proc on some spells" ( Complete array of issues: 3007,2886,2811,1847,1570,1569,1568,1471,1364,1213,785,749,742,695,693,560,259,90,15,0.
At this point, this one was quite inconclusive, as most players have chosen different issues. The second most requested issue is: "Sindragosa Beacon on Main Tank" ( with 2 votes. These two issues should be short-lived :P

As for the Marketing & Advertising, we've as our main target right now our Facebook page. We're mostly planning on finding creative ways to revive it, with promotional campaigns, weekly posts and other things that the community can participate.

For the PvP content, well, we have our Wintergrasp on the plans already. I plan on clearing up everything that there's still pending before I get to start working on it though, seeing that once I start I'll likely not be able to stop until it's done. As always we'll keep on with supporting the other battlegrounds too, specially Isle of Conquest.

And well! The full stats can be seen here at the QA page and they have been available there since 9th January ( Until next month you'll still be able to view your review, after that only the resolution will be displayed.

The winner of the [Orange Murloc Egg] was Ellyon! Congratulations! :D It has already been sent to you too, the same day results were posted.

Well... that's all from our QA Analysis, thank you all once again! :) Now let's move on to the other new things coming up soon...

Feedback Center

Well, this is the first of our "short-term" expectations to be reached. Some of you might be aware that I've been working on our old "Staff Reviews" page, well now it's the time for it to be brought to life. You'll notice that while in essence not much has changed, it'll bring in a different approach to it. Featuring two modules, the "Staff Review" (allows you reviewing staff members) and the "Quick Feedback" (allows you leaving us short messages) we've really intended to reach out and offer you the best of interpersonal communication we can give, a free and totally open channel for you to express your opinion.

For further information, check the Feedback Center introduction thread.

Tharros: Bug Tracker Operation I/2016

Tharros is the first "public" BTO we'll be hosting. Presenting very challenging goals, it aims at "clearing the flow" of current Bug Tracker issues so our developers can work more efficiently. Everyone is invited to help us out at it and give our BT a better image. After all, it's the reflection of our server's development - we can't let it be spoiled by a couple of dusty issues :P

I have detailed at the Tharros: BTO introduction thread how the community can help us. Our developers will also take part in this coalition so we, together, can reach out our goals. Let's push our limits, see how far we can go!


To celebrate the release of our Feedback Center and our first BTO, we'll be hosting the first of our promotional campaigns: Ascension. Basically, we are taking a step forward at integrating our community - those who're really devoted and interested in contributing to our server will get to know how we work and how things are done from a Game Master point of view. I believe this is a quite unique concept, haven't seen other servers offer such experience - it's something special we've planned for you :)

Further information can be seen at the Ascension introduction thread.

And if you don't mind my fail imagery skills, check out our new promotional page at
List yourself up for Ascension at


While experimental, we should be seeing more promotions happening if everything works out as we plan and nothing goes wrong. They're a nice way to keep us together and strengthen our community. We'll try to do creative things and share different experiences, integrating Social Medias (Facebook and Youtube) and the other sorts. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to fire it at the Suggestion forums!

Thank y'all for reading my wall of text, I'll take my leave for now! See you around and have a great time at our server :)


Sarah Alexander
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20 Dec 2015 07:43
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