1.12.1 Transfers are Live!
17 Jan 2017 11:00

UPDATE: We have received an enormous positive response to this feature, over 200 player characters have been transferred since we started accepting transfers from 1.12.1 servers so far and the applications keep coming in!

We welcome you all to our community with open arms!

A New Beginning!

Greetings! I'm pleased to announce that we are now accepting full character transfers from 1.12.1 servers such as the Rebirth, Kronos, and Elysium!

You will submit your information at this link:http://truewow.org/transfer

You are allowed up to three character 1 to 1 character transfers.

Make sure you include your account information or we will assume you just want a default templated character or decline the transfer all together.

We will log into your character and create a file which includes all of your character information. We will use this file to create your copy.

Include which server you wanted to transfer to: You can choose PrimalWoW 3.3.5 Vanilla or TrueWoW 3.3.5 WotLK!

All of your items, bank, gear, skills, and reputation will move over with your character! You will receive gold to retrain your spells though. Your character's gold from the originating server will not be moved over. We will not delete your character from the originating server.


We will also be granting guilds who transfer over a guild vault with some gold and 3 guild bank tabs. If you are interested in this please have your Guild Master inquire through a private message to myself or Nyeriah.

Huge thank you to Gnurg and Rejuv for making our transfer tool compatible with 1.12.1!

We are currently working on the website to facilitate transfer from TrueWoW to PrimalWoW and transfer from PrimalWoW to TrueWoW. This feature should be coming in the near future, you can read more about it in our last announcement at this link:http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=36740

If you're interested in contributing to the server, we are always looking for help when it comes to finding and fixing bugs! Is there a bug that really gets under your skin? Get it reported so we can do something about it!

We are also looking for content testers for upcoming PrimalWoW Naxxramas and TBC content releases. If you are interested in becoming part of the Testing team, you can feel free to send a private message to myself or Nyeriah.

You can find our bugtracker at http://truewow.org/bugs/

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Realmlist: login.truewow.org
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Core revision: 2017-01-17
Date Updated: 2017-01-17
Database version: TDB 335.61
Accounts: 152991

TrueWoW Realm

Type: PvP all content unlocked
Rates: 1x
Status: Online (0 days 9 hrs 10 mins)
Online: 119 (max 782)
Characters: 226666

PrimalWoW Realm

Type: PvE progressive Vanilla to WotlK
Rates: 1x WotLK rates (current level cap 60)
Status: Online (1 days 22 hrs 9 mins)
Online: 159 (max 532)
Characters: 66935

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