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Type: PvP
Rates: 1x
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: 37c8c275a725
Database version: TDB 335.58
Status: Online (0 days 18 hrs 53 mins)
Online: 150 (max 782)
Accounts: 103305
Characters: 185964

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Port: 64738

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23 Apr 2015 11:27
New Arena Season - New Approach
The arena season will end on May 7th according to the current plan. This means rating resets and the usual small title rewards.

However due to our current state of arena and population, we will see some drastic changes for next season. The time for discussion is over, we are taking action now. All rewards from 3v3 will be moved to 2v2, this will kill the already dead bracket but overall arena activity should increase. You're still free to play the other brackets for fun. Shoulders will be at 2200 rating and T2 weapons along with the tabard at 2350 rating, these might get lowered if nobody is able to reach this towards the end of the season. This time the top teams will be able to get Gladiator titles and rank 1 will get Wrathful Gladiator title and mount again. Title distribution is further explained here (already updated for the new season).

The most important change is actually in the queue which has also been revamped, it should make sure that all of this happens fairly and with good competition. You will be forced to queue against teams of similar rating, high rated teams will not be able to play against low rated teams regardless of how long they wait in the queue. To prevent senseless waiting, rating information has been added to the announcer. For example 1700-2200 rating means that teams within that rating range can queue against the team that just joined. In this case teams with 1700 or 2200 rating might need to wait 5 minutes in the queue, that's when the full range gets unlocked.

The new queue will already go active before the end of the season, depending on when we're able to do a core update. read more / comment by Roel
07 Apr 2015 16:44
Retail transfers and many more servers allowed
24 Feb 2015 20:28
Isle of Conquest
15 Jan 2015 20:28
New: Shop Refund System!
24 Dec 2014 19:40
Happy Holidays!