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Type: PvP
Rates: 1x
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: 0934c355e0e3
Date Updated: 2015-11-24
Database version: TDB 335.60
Status: Online (1 days 18 hrs 50 mins)
Online: 259 (peak 782)
Accounts: 112937
Characters: 206002

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14 Jul 2015 23:17
The Future of TrueWoW
As some of you have already heard, I created a new progressive server based on ideas that originated from our forums. Seeing the potential and how successful it has already become, we believe it's time to reassure our players about our future plans and how TrueWoW can benefit from this. Yes benefit, we are in no way going to abandon or make compromises on our old and stable realm. However we realise that stable also means that we aren't going to see more population spikes like in the old days, it's rather a question of how many years players will stay interested in the same content. However we want to safeguard your characters and ensure that you can keep playing them for as long as you want. Some new life in the community can be all that's required to maintain a strong core, trust and motivation to achieve this.

This means that we will be adding PrimalWoW as second realm to TrueWoW. Not right away because the website doesn't yet support multiple realms but eventually the realms will be under one website and realmlist. Any fixes we do are already getting applied to both realms but having one website makes things a lot easier, not only for staff but also for players who wish to play on both realms. A single listing at the vote sites also means that all votes would get combined for an even higher rank on those lists. If players get bored of one realm, they can try the other one so we keep population within our borders instead of seeing them leave to other servers.

We have a very long-term plan to safeguard your characters. One day, PrimalWoW's progression will reach the end of WotLK so both realms will basically be the same. When this day comes, we will merge all characters from both realms into a single realm so nothing will be lost. It's impossible to predict how everything will go in the meantime but if we manage to reach our 10th Anniversary, we will need to reassess the situation and see how we will continue from there. In any case, your old characters will be available for as long as you want to keep playing. If TrueWoW population starts declining at some point, we also have plans for a transfer tool so players from PrimalWoW can copy a character to TrueWoW and give it a try without levelling from scratch. This will become more important as the years pass. Transfers from TrueWoW to PrimalWoW will NOT be available (wouldn't be able to do a copy anyway because of the content difference).

TL;DR We are aware that not everyone will agree with our plans for world domination but I can assure you that we have nothing but good intentions for this community. read more / comment by Roel
23 Apr 2015 11:27
New Arena Season - New Approach
07 Apr 2015 16:44
Retail transfers and many more servers allowed
24 Feb 2015 20:28
Isle of Conquest
15 Jan 2015 20:28
New: Shop Refund System!