PrimalWoW Transfers from Nostalrius
09 Apr 2016 03:22

Seeing the eventual shutdown of the vanilla server Nostalrius, we'll be taking action so these players don't have their entire progress lost. With this we'll be giving them a starting point if they wish to try out our PrimalWoW server.

Eventually, it's convenient to leave it as a reminder that PrimalWoW is a progressive realm (running on a WotLK emulator). It's an entirely new concept which certainly should be fun to try out.

Since PrimalWoW runs on a WotLK environment EMULATING Vanilla, we won't be able to provide, unfortunately, 1:1 transfers to Nostalrius players. They'll follow the compensation method.

We still don't have the transfer templates ready, but Nostalrius players can already start submitting transfers. We'll validate them and process them as soon as we are able.

More information will be given in the next following days.

Check PrimalWoW's release thread [ HERE ]. It holds important information about the realm.

- All of the current transfer requests from Nostalrius will be processed on PrimalWoW. If you wish to transfer to TrueWoW instead, contact a staff member so we can reject your transfer before it's processed.
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Server info

Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: 2016-05-01
Date Updated: 2016-05-01
Database version: TDB 335.61
Accounts: 139503

TrueWoW Realm

Type: PvP all content unlocked
Rates: 1x
Status: Online (0 days 7 hrs 9 mins)
Online: 137 (max 782)
Characters: 216194

PrimalWoW Realm

Type: PvE progressive Vanilla to WotlK
Rates: 1x WotLK rates (current level cap 60)
Status: Online (0 days 4 hrs 20 mins)
Online: 77 (max 532)
Characters: 44890

Voice Chat

Download: Click here!
Port: 64738

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> Register an account
> Link/create game account
> Transfer a character
> Server mergers info

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