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Type: PvP
Rates: 1x
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: f05abe1968a3
Database version: TDB 335.57
Status: Online (0 days 10 hrs 38 mins)
Online: 257 (max 782)
Accounts: 101004
Characters: 181126

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Port: 64738

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24 Feb 2015 20:28
Isle of Conquest

After seeing enough positive feedback during the beta testing phase of Isle of Conquest we've decided it was time to step ahead and release it at our live realm. After tonight update Isle of Conquest will be added to our Random Battleground queue with the same weight as Alterac Valley.

In case you encounter any issue please report it at our Bugtracker. For the beta testing discussions refer to the Isle of Conquest - Beta Testing Season thread.

Regards and have fun! read more / comment by Nyeriah
15 Jan 2015 20:28
New: Shop Refund System!
24 Dec 2014 19:40
Happy Holidays!
17 Nov 2014 04:31
A new core and a clean start
06 Nov 2014 14:23
New Arena Season