Dalaran Arena & Ring of Valor Released, Item Restoration, Tier 3 Availability
18 Aug 2016 10:00
Dalaran Arena and Ring of Valor

The last update has brought us the two arena maps that were still unreleased to our players, the Dalaran Arena and the Ring of Valor. Both maps are now enabled and available to skirmish and rated matches at both realms.

The achievement hunters may find that [World Wide Winner] can now be acquired. And overall, it should be quite refreshing!

We would like to thank our community for the reports provided and all the help we've got while solving the remaining issues necessary to release them. A special thanks to Frewdis for readying them for release!

May you encounter any further issues, please report them at our Bug Tracker.

Item Restoration Feature

Have you ever accidentally deleted an item and then realized you'd still need it? Ever disenchanted an item by mistake or sold a wrong item? Worry not, we got you covered.

Using the item restoration feature you may restore your items deleted, disenchanted or sold within the past 30 days. We'll retrieve the money or disenchanting materials you acquired and send the restored item to your mail.

To use the Item Restoration feature, simply go to http://www.truewow.org/support and select the "Item Restoration" topic. Select your character and restore the items you wish.

IMPORTANT: During the following week the Item Restoration Feature will be in a testing period. For that time, item restores will be free of cost. After the testing week is over, restoring an item will cost you 10 vote points.

[!TRUEWOW ONLY!] Dungeon Challenge: Naxxramas (Tier 3 Availability)

Preceding the release of the vanilla Naxxramas at PrimalWoW, TrueWoW players that wish to have a chance of acquiring a piece of old Tier 3 may complete the weekly Naxxramas Dungeon Challenge.

To participate of it, check your character's progress at http://www.truewow.org/tier3

    - To complete the challenge, you must earn kill credit for EVERY boss in a SINGLE raid lockout for the GIVEN character. The credit is not account wide, and you may not claim the reward for a different character who has not completed the challenge.
    - You may claim your reward ONCE per week, regardless of the difficulty. This means that you can only claim the reward for clearing the 10 players version OR 25 players version per character, per week.
    - The 10 players difficulty has 50% chance of awarding you a tier piece for your class. The 25 players difficulty has 75%. Failing to win a tier piece will give you a small consolation prize of 30-70g.
    - Death Knights can only claim the consolation prize.

IMPORTANT: This only takes place so TrueWoW players also get a chance of acquiring these items and may be available for a limited time!

Tharros: Bug Tracker Operation Resolution

The last semester had a real handful of work to all of us. With the help of our community and our continued work, we have reached rather considerable milestones.

At the end, this is our final balance, considering our starting values for Confirmed and Resolved issues:

Confirmed We have 72 more confirmed issues than we had at the start of this operation.
ResolvedWe have 746 more resolved issues than we had at the start of this operation.

For more information check viewtopic.php?f=50&t=16540&start=15#p374841
The bugtracker balance can be checked in the Bug Tracker change log: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=11955&p=388750#p388750

As can be seen, while we may have not stabilized at the goals we had set, a lot of work was done and a lot of new things were fixed this last semester. So personally, we've considered it to be very successful!

Thanks to all who contributed to reaching such nice numbers and keep up the good work! With everyone working together, we'll keep on improving our server and making it better for everyone.

Well, that's it for now. Thank you all and lots of fun!

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