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Type: PvP
Rates: 1x
Version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Core revision: ab76caa72f81
Database version: TDB 335.58
Status: Online (1 days 7 hrs 50 mins)
Online: 110 (max 782)
Accounts: 103105
Characters: 185582

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Port: 64738

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07 Apr 2015 16:44
Retail transfers and many more servers allowed
Our transfer page has been updated for the new transfer system. You can make a transfer request for almost any server. If it's not in the allowed list yet then we will first need to review it, for this it would help if you send us some information about the server.

This system is meant for characters and servers that don't fit the criteria for 1:1 transfers, it's more of a compensation than an actual transfer of your old character. Players will be given a new character with levels and gear based on how much work was put into the character at the other server. Because of our 1x rates, you will obviously receive less gear to keep it fair but we hope this is less intimidating than starting at level 1 again. read more / comment by Roel
24 Feb 2015 20:28
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New: Shop Refund System!
24 Dec 2014 19:40
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17 Nov 2014 04:31
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