Quest Completer

The quest completer will complete bugged quests for you so you can turn them in. You can check if quest is bugged in game using command .qc $questlink, where $questlink is shift-clicked quest from your quest log.

If you have a quest which is not completable due to a bug and don't see it here, please visit the Bug Tracker and report it there. Be sure to report quests that are still in the list but already fixed as well.

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Available completable quests (19)

QuestCategoryRacesMin. level
"Let the Fires Come!" Seasonal Alliance 1
"Let the Fires Come!" Seasonal Horde 1
A Pawn on the Eternal Board Silithus AllianceHorde 60
Bitter Departure The Storm Peaks AllianceHorde 77
Blueleaf Tubers Razorfen Kraul AllianceHorde 20
Generosity Abounds Icecrown AllianceHorde 77
Jail Break! Blackrock Depths Alliance 50
Matchmaker Icecrown AllianceHorde 77
Riding the Red Rocket Grizzly Hills Horde 73
Riding the Red Rocket Grizzly Hills Alliance 73
Scarlet Diversions Western Plaguelands Horde 50
Stop the Fires! Seasonal Alliance 1
Stop the Fires! Seasonal Horde 1
Thalorien Dawnseeker Isle of Quel'Danas Horde 80
The Challenge Blackrock Depths AllianceHorde 58
The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid Shadowmoon Valley AllianceHorde 70
Thrusting Hodir's Spear The Storm Peaks AllianceHorde 77
Trapping the Light Fantastic Blade's Edge Mountains Alliance 65
Writ of Safe Passage Eastern Plaguelands AllianceHorde 55